Merging For Efficiency

November 7th, 2008

Rapha Systems is a new company out of Austria that provides original solutions for Almex’s every day consumer. The cooperation of these two companies has combined fresh ideas with years of experience ultimately resulting in greater product efficiency for the customer. Working together, Almex and Rapha Systems successfully developed and introduced an automatic pinsystem, the SmartPin System. This system has been integrated with the Almex Membrane Press making the pressing process quicker. The system itself is affordable and the ability to increase production will allow users to turn a greater profit.

Rapha Systems offers systems for cleaning the backsides of boards and de-grating edges, systems that are suitable for small to large-scale production. They sell a variety of foil handling systems, silicone and natural rubber membranes of the highest quality, and pinsystems to satisfy all sorts of Pressing needs. Almex was proud to make the Membrane Press a part of such an incredible product line-up. Rapha Systems being established worldwide in 2000 is still so new but their innovation is unmatched in this market, joining together with them was the best move Almex could make.