Longitudinal Splicing

The Longitudinal Belt Press (LS) is unique to Shaw Almex Group! No one builds a press quite like it. Due to the unique window frame design, the press is essentially an Open Four Side Press! Belts can pass through the press in either the LS_Press_Freeze_Frylongitudinal direction (length), or cross-wise (width).

If the belt is passing through the longitudinal direction, the operators have clear access to BOTH sides of the platen.
The Upper and Lower press frames are mounted on rails, which allows the operator to move both the lower platen sideways, AND the upper platen sideways.

Moving the upper platen sideways, so that it completely clears the bottom platen, allows for easy mold change-out!

a) Benefits:

  • SPLICE – Allows longitudinal splicing, to produce one wide belt from two narrow belts.
  • FABRICATE – Vulcanize/fabricate/install profiles on slab belts, such as Chevrons, cleats and V-guides.
  • REPAIR – longitudinal rips in conveyor belts.

b) Specifications:

  • PLATENS – Can be equipped with flexible aluminum platens or rigid steel platens.
    • Also available with double platen sets, which provides for double V-guides or edge profiles simultaneously.
  • HEAT – available with electric elements, or tubes for steam or hot oil systems.
  • PRESSURES – Designs from 100 psi up to 200 psi.
  • DIMENSIONS – Platen widths from 16″ wide up to 60″ wide.
    • Lengths from 10 ft long up to 16 ft long.
    • Throat widths from 10 ft up to 16 ft wide.

c) Features:

  • Pressure bag system ensures uniform pressure, and low-cost operation and mainatenance.
  • PLC operation with Touchscreen Operator interface provides:

a) Ethernet connectivity
b) Datalogging and networking
c) Automatic Interlocks, for Operator Safety.
d) Remote diagnostics, for ease of maintenance and repairs.

Made in the USA. Off-the-shelf components, for simple repairs.