The ALMEX system works!

Here is what some of our customers say…

Wheatland Crafts, Inc.
-Simpsonville, SC

"The Shaw-Almex press represents the best value in membrane pressing and the service is outstanding. The press was quickly installed and it is easy to run."

Tim Scott

S. Brown Wood Products, Inc.
-Sellersburg, IN

"I was impressed with its design and the fact that is was not oversized. Once I saw the machine run I knew it was the right choice. We have had virtually no trouble with the press and when we did have a situation Shaw-Almex was there to solve the problem. I’m able to fill the entire tray with doors and press them with a short cycle time. Most importantly, my customers are impressed with the good quality, high definition doors that we produce."

Steve Brown

Blong’s Custom Wood Products, Inc.
-Charles City, IA

"The price was more in line for what we could afford. The back up support is great. It was simple to learn how to operate the ALMEX press. We were producing high quality doors in our second week."

Terrance J. Blong

The Door Gallery
-McDonough, GA

"I bought the ALMEX press because it was simpler in design and, therefore, less things could go wrong with it. The overall value of an ALMEX press cannot be beat. After the installation, the press performed as promised. That is, the production levels are in line with what was promised and it is easy to operate. Shaw-Almex has been quick to respond to my questions and service my machine. It is a great company with great people that make a great press."

Kerry Floyd

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