Almex WY Models

Almex WY Models of Rubber Presses are designed for exceptional performance and reliability. Combining technologies from multiple different disciplines, our presses set the industry standard for innovative and cost-effective solutions to your rubber press needs. The key to the Almex success story lies in the exclusive pressure bag system which provides uniform pressure during operation. The numerous benefits of our vulcanizing system are tied to this one critical design concept. We incorporate either an inflatable pressure bag or membrane to generate the platen pressure which reduces many of the costs and difficulties encountered on conventional hydraulic manufacturing presses.

Our WYModels feature:

  • Flexible aluminum platens or rigid steel platens
  • Upstroking or Downstroking
  • Pressures up to 200 psi (14 bar)
  • Open “two sides” or open “four sides”


These benefits, coupled with the added features of reduced shipping and assembly costs, and the elimination of expensive foundation pits, provide good reason for investigating ……The ALMEX system. Since 1962 we have manufactured the highest quality presses. We look forward to partnering with you in engineering your press solution!


Model WY90-120
Oil heated steel platens measure 90″ wide x 120″ long
Designed for vulcanizing cleats and profiles onto cured and uncured conveyor belts

Drive Table