The Almex BMS Conveyor Belt Press

Conveyor belt presses for molded profiles

The Almex Rubber Press offers the unique bag and membrane press system. Keep reading to discover more about the hinging that has been the industry leader since 1966…

The Almex BMS Press

BMS Systems

Since their introduction in 1966, the hinging Almex ‘BMS’ series of presses have been a remarkable innovation and one which … you can’t afford to ignore.

The key to the Almex success story lies in the exclusive pressure bag system which provides the uniform pressure so essential in a curing or laminating press. The numerous benefits of our vulcanizing system are tied to this one critical design concept. We incorporate either an inflatable pressure bag or membrane to generate the platen pressure which reduces many of the costs and difficulties encountered on conventional hydraulic manufacturing presses.

Hundreds of customers have realized the benefits gained by eliminating the massive hydraulic cylinders inherent to the conventional manufacturing press which also provides ease of operation.

All of this means the cost of an Almex BMS is substantially lower than that of comparable size hydraulic presses.

These benefits, coupled with the added features of reduced shipping and assembly costs, and the elimination of expensive foundation pits, provide good reason for investigating …… The ALMEX system.

Almex BMS Conveyor Belt Press

BMS Features


  • full access on all three sides of lower platen. Ideal when fabricating specialty profiles since mold plates can be readily changed, cleaned or reloaded.
  • accessibility also means the BMS is suitable when special forms are required.


  • steel platens offer the maximum in durability and provide the optimum finish.
  • aluminum platens are available when a smooth finish is not critical (i.e. with molds, etc.). Aluminum also requires approximately half the energy to heat when compared to steel platens.


  • full weight of press is evenly distributed over two steel girders running the complete length of the press.
  • the BMS can be shipped in on piece complete, Assembly time on site, plus shipping costs are substantially reduced.
  • the press can be located anywhere in the factory on a standard concrete floor. Since structural modifications are not required, subsequent relocation is easily achieved.


  • all press functions are interlocked for maximum safety. Hinged upper frame is hydraulically pinned when in the open position.
  • operator error and product damage is minimized.


  • all pressure, temperature indication and time functions are controlled from a centrally located control panel.
  • pneumatic controls are press mounted.


  • steel platens can be heated with steam, hot oil or electric calrod heaters.
  • aluminum platens can be heated with steam, hot oil or electric blanket heaters.
  • membrane presses can be heated with hot air heaters or infrared heaters.

BMS Specifications



Available in two different types of construction:

  • One piece, hot rolled steel slab, gun-drilled for heating medium.
  • Laminated aluminum construction incorporates rolled aluminum plates which contain the heating fluid and cooling medium if required.


Welded steel frame construction, designed for operating pressures up to 200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm2). Hinging upper frame is opened hydraulically to angles up to 85 degrees. Platen widths up to 80 inches (2030 mm). Press lengths up to 48 feet (16 m) in 12 foot (4 m) increments. All press functions are interlocked to provide maximum operator and product safety. The press frame is manufactured in one piece complete. Maximum daylight opening between platens is 12 inches (300 mm). Available in down-stroking or up-stroking configurations.

Pressure System

The unique Almex pressure bag is protected from heat degradation by a water cooled insulation package. Membrane installations utilize high-temperature elastometrics for the inflatable member. Pressure system does not include air compressor or air receiver.



  • Edge Irons
    A hydraulically actuated edge iron system may be mounted on the front and rear of the press lower frame. Ideal for materials that become semi-liquefied at elevated temperatures.
  • Temperature Chart Recorder
    A continuous paper chart recorder provides a permanent record of cure temperatures.
  • Platen Cold Ends
    For manufacturing continuous products, the heating platens may be equipped with a water cooled cold zone, eight inches wide (200 mm).
  • Automation
    Press functions can be automated to speed up the cure cycle, and maximize productivity.
    Control systems may ben either PC or PLC based. Customized software allows graphic displays, data acquisition and networking.
    Remote Supervisory Stations allow managers and supervisors to interface with the system from the convenience of their office.
  • Clamp and Stretcher Units
    When it is necessary to pre-tension the elastic product prior to curing, a mechanical stretcher unit and a clamp unit are positioned at each end of the press. Clamp and stretcher can be tilted to a maximum of 45 degrees from the horizontal. Uniform tensioning across the belt width provided by hydraulically driven screw jacks. Automatic measurement ensures repeatability.

BMS Savings

The Almex BMS has proven to be a truly remarkable alternative as it can be configured in so many unique ways. Why not take a few moments and discover how the Shaw-Almex BMS can provide uniform platen pressure, drastically reduced installation and commissioning costs, simplified manufacturing techniques and reduced maintenance downtime.

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