Aristocratic Quality

November 19th, 2008

Aristocratic Cabinets is a company that has been around for thirty years and takes great pride in their ability to produce quality products. Quality seems to be the primary focus of the president of the company, Larry Walker, whatever the cost. Their investments in today’s newest technologies are a great contributor to Aristocratic’s continued success.

The company is now using Microvellum software which enables them to have greater efficiency and accuracy in a wide range of areas. An employee can input all of the dealer orders into Microvellum, which will produce a complete bill of materials, downloads machining instruction to the CNC equipment, and transfers part sizes to Ardis software for optimization. Another more advanced piece of machinery used is the Almex Thermofoil Press. It is used by the company for smaller quantity orders of foil doors. Aristocratic Cabinets will produce an order that will surpass standards and expectations whether it is small or large or even custom. They achieve this through the combination of the accuracy provided by state-of-the-art technology and the skill and dedication of their employees.