3D Laminate Doors vs. HPL Doors

December 6th, 2008

In a recent article by Mark Viers the pros and cons to 3D Laminate and HPL Doors are highlighted. After reading the article 3D Laminate is definitely the way to go when considering options for cabinetry. HPL does have its benefits, such as its ready availability and the fact that it can be used for kitchen counter tops. However, the labor involved in producing HPL doors is exhausting just to read about, much less to actually do. It also takes up an excessive amount of space in cabinet shops. By outsourcing and purchasing 3D laminate thermofoil doors made with a vacuum press, the shop owner will inevitably save time money and space. Also, laminating allows for specialized profiles and can be used as a replacement for veneer doors. This factor can only improve sales, since everyone loves variety! Currently, an astounding 8% of kitchens in North America use 3D laminates while in Europe it is in over 65%. I have to agree with Viers, eventually 3D laminate thermofoil doors will catch on here in America. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later!